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PREPToolbox offers unlimited access to our video collection streamed directly to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. We offer three subscriptions to choose from: A full year's subscription for $119.88. Next, a monthly rate of $14.99 for as many months as you want. Lastly if you are already a PREP trained facilitator your cost is only $79.95 for the year.

Additionally, each of the PREPToolbox subscriptions gives you the ability to assign any of the tools as “homework”. After purchasing one of the subscription choices you will gain full access to all of the tools. In the toolbox access area you will be able to get links to any of the tools and send that link to your client. The link will be good for two weeks.

You will also have access to new materials as we add them to the PREPToolbox.

To begin simply choose an option below and enter your payment information in PREPToolbox's secure sign up form. You will receive a confirmation email with your link. Click that link and your subscription begins.

Other questions are answered on our HELP page.

Subscribers to this option will receive 12 months of unlimited access for a one time charge of $119.88. That makes this subscription option less than $10 per month. Payment is made all at once and the subscription is automatically renewed.

Perfect for educators this monthly subscription is only $14.99 and offers the same benefits as the yearly subscription. Payment is automatically taken and will continue to renew until you no longer want it or wish to change your subscription choice.

PREP-trained Facilitators have the special rate of $79.95 for a full year. (Less than $7.00 a month.) This choice will renew automatically until you opt out. If you are interested in becoming a PREP-trained facilitator please contact: info@prepinc.com.

Here’s how different subscribers are implementing their subscriptions:

These tools have been used for decades by health care professionals to help teach relationship health to clients, using a variety of types of video, including footage of real couples highlighting communication problems and learning skills.


PREPToolbox is perfect for use in the classrooms with college or high school students in order to augment lectures on relationship dynamics or demonstrate skills and strategies for great relationships.

PREP Facilitators

Used across the globe by PREP-trained facilitators the various video tools are streamed into their workshops allowing easy access to a wide variety of video resources from PREP beyond those provided in specific curricula.

"When reviewing with my client what she took from this, she informed me that she plans to take her future relationships more slowly to really get to know the person before jumping into a 'relationship' too quickly. She is able to verbalize some of the red flags/warning signs of people she meets, as well as list some desirable attributes in a future partner. Thank you for this material and how easy it is to use. It is relatable, to the point, and relevant." Senior Clinician - AZ

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